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Company's main:The protective film coating machine、Thin film coating machine、Automatic feed coater、Bubble coater、PEHigh speed coater、PVCCoating machine、PETCoating machine、ABSOnline coating machine、PETOnline coating machine、ABSOffline coating machine, etc,“High-quality product quality,High quality after-sales service”Is the survival of enterprises。The company technical force is abundant,Sophisticated production equipment,Advanced design technology,Detection means complete。Companies with high quality products,Reliable mechanical properties,Sincere and effective service enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad,The products sell well all over the country and exported to overseas。
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Wuxi HongBang machinery co., LTD. Was established2001Years。Company is located in the beautiful taihu lake,Zhenjiang city on the Yangtze river delta——Beautiful wuxi qianzhou town。Here developed economy,The talents,Land, sea and air transportation is also very rich。Close to changzhou、Nanjing and Shanghai international airport,From Shanghai、Nanjing international port also zhichizhiyao, etc。The beijing-shanghai railway、Shanghai-nanjing expressway and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal and in the past。
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